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Stella Graham is a naturally funny stand-up comedian, writer & actor.
Shameless, charmingly aggressive and unladylike, she's the funniest half Sri Lankan gal from Coventry.

During Lockdown, Stella made funny workout videos, a video podcast and did online gigs! What a trip. Gigging in slippers.

"If you're a TV executive, drop what you're doing and go see her now" - The Skinny

"Fun and original... everything a good comedian should be: self-assured, likeable and, crucially, funny" - Broadway Baby

****- Fringe Guru

“She's also got a terrifically funny way with one liners, as they subverted expectations and delivered punch lines which were squarely at your sides.” - TVNZ

"Laugh-a-minute" - Fringe Benefits, Adelaide Fringe

Stella's written for TV & radio and presented shows on TV & radio.

Stella is an experienced MC / host / compere.

Stella was at the Brighton Fringe and Leicester Comedy Festival with Porcupine.

​In 2021, Stella was at the Women in Comedy Festival in Manchester with her show Undercurrent

Stella was also at the Edinburgh Fringe with Undercurrent. Also appeared at the Leicester Comedy Festival, via Zoom, the Faversham Fringe and Coventry's Assembly Festival Garden as part of the UK City of Culture 2021.
She also started her video podcast, Stell Me About It, available in all good podcast places!

​In 2020, Stella was at the Leicester Comedy Festival with her show, Sneaky Little Bitch?
Then, March 17, she was home a lot! Thank you, Covid. But she was doing Zoom gigs, a few in-real-life shows, outdoor stuff, some indoor shows and a bit of filming. Click on Watch to see.

​In 2019, Stella had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe with her show, Sneaky Little Bitch.

She took her show, Uncivilized to the Leicester Comedy Festival and Brighton Fringe.
Loves writing a mean joke or 10 for a Roast Battle.

Currently training in Improv at The Free Association.

2018, Stella went to the Edinburgh Fringe with her show, Uncivilized.
She took it to the Leicester Comedy Festival and Brighton Fringe.

She completed 2 years of training in acting, studying the Meisner Technique at Actors Door Studio, London.

​2017, Stella was briefly at the Edinburgh Fringe with her show, "Rage Against the Unclean"
She took her show "Sunday Roast" to Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival.

2015, Stella took "Fox Sake" to Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe.

​2013, Stella took "A Pint of Stella" to the same 3 Fringes. She likes those ones.

​Stella returned home to the UK in 2012 after stomping on the stand-up comedy stage in New Zealand.

​2011-2012, Stella took her show, Karma Comedian, to the Adelaide Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe and the New Zealand Comedy Festival.

​She was nominated Best Newcomer at the 2009 New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards.

​Stella has written comedy for TV and radio and presented shows on TV and radio.

She has also appeared in comedy sketches and found time to do some voice-overs. (Attention seeker.)


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